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AdWords Campaign Setup - Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords is a highly effective advertising tool that allows businesses to reach their target markets in a direct way.

Are you targeting clients in a specific geographical location?
Do you want to reach customers at a particular time of day? 
Want to hear only from customers who want, for example, red shoes but not blue?

This is achievable using AdWords.

We Want In

$320 setup 
+ $80 optional
monthly maintenance

2 AdGroups
4 Ads

Let's Compete

$640 setup
+ $160 optional
monthly maintenance

4 AdGroup
8 Ads

We're Serious

$960 setup
+ $240 optional
monthly maintenance

6 AdGroups
12 Ads

Cover All Bases

$1,280 a month
+ $320 optional
monthly maintenance

8 AdGroups
16 Ads

We can help propel your business using Google advertising.

We can ensure that your Ad generates the maximum 'clicks' from your desired client base. We will set up and maintain your Pay-per-click AdWords campaign according to your budget.

We have an excellent track record of generating a consistently high and quality click-through rate. Contact us today to set up your ad campaign.

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