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Domain & Hosting Pricing Adjustment from 1 July 2023

7 Jun, 2023
Working with a reliable local hosting partner, we've done our utmost to ensure the online visiblity of your business.

Archiving Emails

8 Sep, 2017
If you're having trouble keeping your emails within this limit, you can archive them. Archiving emails stores them locally on your computer so you can free up space on your hosting account.

Where are your leads coming from? Google Analytics will tell you.

24 Nov, 2016
Where are your leads coming from? This is a question many businesses ask themselves when starting out.

What makes a strong password?

29 Aug, 2016
Your passwords is the key to your online house. Most of our personal information online is protected by the phrase we choose, usually post-haste, to keep out hackers and their computers.

Online Technical Support with Screen Sharing

25 Feb, 2016
We provide online support for your website related technical issues. Our instruction are easy to follow too!

MeKoo Solutions on Holidays

25 Dec, 2015
Just a friendly email wishing you a wonderful break! We will be closed from the 25th of December until the 18th of January. As always, we'll continue to administer our sites and will attend to emails if required. See you in the new year!

Check your site with Google Tools

17 Jun, 2015
Technology changes fast. It's important to ensure that your website keeps up with these changes. If your website is dated, chances are you are...

Editing Your Website Using The CMS

24 Feb, 2015
Your website is easy to update! In this short blog post, we provide a few pointers just incase you need a little guidance along the way...

How do I setup my email account on my phone/tablet?

15 Jan, 2015
You can setup the account on your phone, tablet or computer mail program using this instructions on this page.

Wishing you a wonderful break

24 Dec, 2014
We will be closed from the 25th of December until the 12th of January. As always, we'll continue to administer our sites and will attend to email

Update - 13th August 2014

15 Sep, 2014
We’re back from leave and have commenced operations as per usual. We have a couple of quick but important notices.

Putting SEO into Action - On Site and Off Site

29 Apr, 2014
Search Engines like Google will display your web site in the list of results if it thinks your web site is relevant to the search terms that have...

Taking Your Business Online - The WHY?

17 Apr, 2014
Is it time to take your business online? You might be considering getting a web site or maybe you already have one, and you just can’t remember,

Hope you've had a wonderful start to 2014!

14 Feb, 2014
Just a friendly reminder to update your website so that it remains fresh and up to date in the new year. Check out our portfolio for some new ideas!

Custom Web Design: Where Do I Start?

6 Jan, 2014
We live in a time where through cutting age technologies and the accessibility of information, we've witnessed the rise of the entrepreneur.

To Flash, or not to Flash

31 May, 2013
The rise of Apple and their products has played a big part in the diminishing popularity of Flash applications on the World Wide Web.

WordPress: Is it right for me?

30 May, 2013
WordPress is a good tool for beginners but if you're looking to run a serious business online, a custom web design is the way to go.

How do I use Social Networking to promote my Website and Shopping Cart?

30 May, 2013
With the expanse of social networking has arrived a new way to market your business.

Your Business Web Site and an Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

17 Jul, 2012
SEO is basically the set tactics you can use to make sure that your business's web site appears in search engine results for your key words

The Importance of Website Design

1 May, 2012
Your website, in its general sense, is an online service provider for queries so customers can get answers to questions in minimum time and effort.

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