• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Did you know that Google Ads convert 50% better than organic traffic?

Imagine a tool that brings your target audience directly to your doorstep, phone or email inbox! SEM pairs your businesses with your target market at a price set by you. To illustrate the effectiveness of this tool in real worldly terms, this is equivalent to procuring a stall for your wedding invitation business right in the centre of the Biggest Wedding Expo in the World! And what’s more, SEM offers you the financial flexibility to set your own online marketing budget so that you can spend as much or as little as you want. We will set up and maintain your Pay-per-click AdWords campaign according to your budget.

We are an Official Google Partner

It's kind of a big deal.

This means that Google has recognised us for:

  • demonstrating our high performance by delivering client growth
  • having obtained Google Ads certification; and
  • meeting the spend requirement across our managed accounts

In short, we know what we’re doing!

Most businesses earn about double their spend on Google Ads

We can help propel your business using Google advertising. We boast astonishingly high click-through rates (CTR’s) and conversion rates with all of our clients and are unafraid to promise the same rate of success for your business. We can ensure that your Ad generates the maximum 'clicks' from your desired client base. 

MeKoo will set-up, manage and evaluate your SEM campaign and provide you a detailed monthly video summary of your campaign. All accounts are managed by our highly experienced in-house, Melbourne-based staff.

Call us to speak to our SEM experts for advice.

We want in

$640 setup 
+ $160 monthly

2 AdGroups
6 Ads

Let's compete

$800 setup
+ $240 monthly

4 AdGroup
12 Ads

We're serious

$960 setup
+ $320 monthly

6 AdGroups
18 Ads

Cover all bases

$1,200 setup
+ $480 monthly

8 AdGroups
24 Ads

We have an excellent track record of generating consistently high performance for a client base. Contact us today to set up your ad campaign.

Google Ads Campaign Setup - Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you a newly established business trying to gain a foothold in your industry? Or an existing business eager to enhance brand awareness or branch out to a different market? 

Have you hit a lull in sales this month and want to boost sales before the holidays? Or perhaps you might want to generate more website traffic or you want to draw the right people to your website? A good digital marketing campaign will help you to achieve these goals almost immediately while increasing your exposure and allow your business to compete with the very best in the business.

Are you targeting clients in a specific geographical location?

Do you want to reach customers at a particular time of day?
Want to hear only from customers who want, for example, red shoes but not blue?

Not sure what you want but you know something has to change? Call or email our friendly staff for a chat!

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