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Archiving Emails

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Sep 8, 2017



As the business world has become increasingly interwoven with the internet, emails have become the conduit for communication and information sharing.

This development seen a rise in data storage requirements and therefore an increase in companies who are selling data storage as their primary function. However, data storage companies are not to be confused with web hosting companies...

Data storage companies focus on providing large amounts of storage capacity where performance is not a major factor.
Web hosting companies, like our hosting partner, use enterprise grade drives (SAS drives) to power your website, providing high level performance, speed and reliability.

Taking into consideration this information, we cap emails accounts at 1GB per email.

Archiving Emails
If you're having trouble keeping your emails within this limit, you can archive them. Archiving emails stores them locally on your computer so you can free up space on your hosting account.

Mac Mail


Microsoft Outlook
(Credit: Steve Milenkoski)

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