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Custom Web Design: Where Do I Start?

Website Design

Jan 6, 2014



We live in a time where through cutting age technologies and the accessibility of information, we've witnessed the rise of the entrepreneur. Gone are the days when you need the backing of a bank to pursue an idea, a dream. With today's tools, a custom web site and a little know-how the world is yours to conquer. 

So where do you start? Research. Then research some more. There is no point developing a custom website which may already be running. If you're looking to create a tool for the world then you'll also need to gauge demand. Ask yourself 'will people want to use my website?'. Once you've understood the dynamics of your market, you're ready to commence you custom web design.

Don't over do it. Ensure that the main features are done to begin with, the others can be done later. Once the initial phase is complete, make your site live and begin marketing!

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