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WordPress: Is it right for me?

Website Design

May 30, 2013



So you've just finished high school and want to help your mum market her cupcake business online because winter is coming and the weather just isn’t right for primary school fete anymore; WordPress is for you. Simple and pretty Web Design for beginners seeking maximum bang for their buck without leaving the comfort of their own room. Sure, mum will be happy, hey she might even have to invest in a bigger mixing bowl! But is it going to send her to the bank for extension talks on the mortgage for business expansion? Probably not. If you’re serious about your business, you might want to look into Professional Web Design to help take yours to the next level.

Compared to a Custom Website, begineer tools such as WordPress are pretty much like babies toys, they will get the rattle ringing, but won’t build you a tree house. When it comes to Website Development there really is no comparison between the different avenues you have to choose from when marketing your business online. The cheaper, quicker option can take you to the ball park, but you are not going to be hitting a home run any time soon.

Web Design needs to be taken seriously. Unless you use the right tools to get the job done, eventually you will find your competitors overtaking you on the freeway to success.

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